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The Food Ingredients That Can Be Used As Substitute For Butter

To a large number of people, butter is a vital component that is regularly used to make a lot of their recipes. However the saturated fat that is found in the product poses a lot of health risk. This type of fat is the major culprit for a wide range of heart diseases as a result of its ability to clog your arteries which translates to the rise in the bad cholesterol content. All is not lost though for lovers of the butter as there are many healthy food items that can be used in its place.

You should consider resorting to the use of the avocado if you are looking for the ideal food item to use in place of the butter. The potassium , fiber and the vitamin K are some of the nutrients that you are going to get when you start taking the avocado. Even though the food comes with high fat content, there is no cause for worrying as that is the type that does not pose any health risk to you. Not only will the monosaturated fat be instrumental in cutting down the bad cholesterol levels but it will increase the content of the good one.

The olive oil will play the part of the perfect healthy substitute of the butter. The olive oil comes with ample content of the healthy fats that are unsaturated. The oil does not only do well as a healthy alternative when you are baking but its application is also done when making the pasta or the mashed potatoes.

The Greek yogurt will effectively stand in for butter when you are baking foods that you desire to contain higher moisture and protein. Apart from the fact that the yogurt does not come with extra calories and fats, it as well will ensure that the bread and the cakes that you are making have a velvety feeling. Additionally when you use the Greek yogurt in half the amount required for the butter, you will get more proteins.

It is recommended to resort to the use of the applesauce as the healthy substitute of the butter when you are preparing the recipes that are sweet. Not only will your baked products have more moisture and fiber when you resort to the use of the applesauce but you will be assured that you are not having a high intake of the calories. The applesauce should be used in equal measure as the butter that would have been required.

You can consider resorting to the use of the pumpkin puree as it is a healthy substitute for the butter when it comes to the making of the coffee cakes and muffins. The puree adds beautiful flavor to your recipes alongside ensuring that you obtain vitamin K,fiber and potassium.

Doing Meals The Right Way

Doing Meals The Right Way

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