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What You Should Do After Being Arrested For Driving Under The Influence

In the United States, driving under the influence arrests are popular. Professionals have given an estimate of over 112 million cases of driving under the influence annually. When your job is on the line, getting arrested for driving under the influence can cause a lot of chaos. Proper procedures must be followed when a person gets pulled over. Have a legal representative for your case so that you don’t spend time in jail or lose your job because of one blunder. Have a look at the steps that you need to follow immediately after the arrest.

Take the test. For every driving under the influence arrest, a person has to be tested for field sobriety followed by a chemical test to establish the blood alcohol content during the time of arrest. If you refuse to take an alcohol test, your license will be suspended. You cannot depend on this site roadside tests so, if you know that you are going to be detained, you can opt to take the chemical test from the police station. The law requires individuals to do a medical test after an arrest. Obey the rules or else you’ll find yourself in deep problems. Attorneys will advise you to go for the breath test and not a blood test since it is not difficult to counter its authenticity.

Hire an attorney. Do not go for a public defender or a general attorney for driving under the influence arrest. This time you are required to have the best attorney that will defend you. For a promising outcome, go for this site driving while intoxicated attorney to represent you when answering questions or in court.

Request for cash bail. You can get someone or partner with a bails bondsman. Several states will require a cash bail after driving while intoxicated arrest for you to be freed. There is a likelihood that this site you’ll have to pay the fees beforehand otherwise you will be locked up and lose your job. The bail bondsman has the responsibility of ensuring that you show up for all your court proceedings. Make sure that you attend because they will come looking for you.

Plea for a DMV hearing. Aside from the criminal charges, scheduling for a DMV hearing is important to find out if your license will be suspended. Several States give a time limit after your arrest, to petition for a hearing. It is usually a time-frame of 10 days including weekends. This necessitates you to contact this site your attorney and schedule time for hearing as soon as possible.

You need to be prepared for your hearing. Keep in touch with your attorney prior to your arraignment. You can make your plea at the time of arraignment. It is important that you communicate with your lawyer before you are arraigned and afterward if you pleaded innocent.

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