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What Should You Do If a Hotel Refuses to Issue a Refund?

When you stay in a hotel and the service isn’t up to par, you expect to be able to talk to someone about it. Unfortunately, this does not always occur. Sometimes, staff will insist that nothing can be done in order to avoid having to refund your money or give you another room in another part of the hotel. This implies you can’t stay where you are, but there’s also not much place to go. If this has happened to you, you are not alone, but this doesn’t mean that you have no options. Learn what you can do if the hotel refuses to return your money and avoid being saddled with an expensive hotel bill you didn’t mean to pay!

If you are rejected a refund, you may be eligible to sue for that expense. The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Fair Credit Billing Act (FTC) provides some protection for consumers who have been denied refunds for services they have not used or have never agreed to obtain. You have the ability to sue the hotel if they violated the FTC Act. The first step is to check if you have a case. You may be out of luck if the hotel refuses to return your money because you cancelled too late. If, on the other hand, the hotel refuses to reimburse your money for any other reason, they may be held accountable for your losses. Hotels can be held liable in three ways for failing to repay clients’ money: breach of contract, quantum meruit, and conversion. To win one of these cases, you must show that the hotel owes you money or property as a result of an agreement or commitment.

The initial step should be to acquire all of your documents. The initial confirmation email, any emails you exchanged with the hotel, the phone conversation tape (if available), and any printed communication from the hotel are all included. After gathering all of your possessions, draft a letter requesting a full refund due to the events of your stay. Demand letters are a way of formally requesting something from the person or business that owes you money. The letter will typically be in writing and detail the amount owed, what it is for, how much time they have to pay, and what will happen if they don’t comply.

If the demand letter does not address your situation, you should consider hiring an attorney. When someone owes you money, you have a number of legal choices. Before taking any action, you should counsel with an attorney who is competent in this area. It’s best not to sign any agreement that offers less than you believe is rightfully owed. Finally, most companies only offer refunds under certain conditions, so it’s important to review the terms of service before making a purchase.

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