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Services That Are Offered By an Orthodontist

The dentist and orthodontist take care of the oral health of a person. This is how the orthodontist takes care of your oral health.

Permanent teeth and baby teeth become crooked because of some reasons, but they can also grow crooked. When a baby suckles on the pacifier or thumb for long the baby teeth grow crooked. Take care of the oral health of your child to prevent tooth decay. The model soft foods are eaten without much chewing which leads to altered collective jaw size. They are used to fix overbites, underbites, open bites, crossbites, or crowding. They are not like braces that cannot be removed as long as you wear them for twenty to twenty-two hours a day until the specialist advice you otherwise. They are uncomfortable at first because of the tight pressure they apply on the teeth, but their smoothness and ease in eating with them will make you get used to them quickly.

An orthodontiast is known for providing braces to patients who have misaligned teeth. The orthodontist will protect you from getting these oral conditions by correcting the tight spaces using braces to allow you to brush and floss in between the teeth. Braces also correct difficulties in speech because teeth help in speech.

The average age for a child to shed off milk teeth is between five to eight years, but if the baby loses teeth below this age, they need space maintainers. Space maintainers put pressure on their gums, but one gets used to them in a short time. Sometimes health conditions such as diabetes cause the child to lose teeth prematurely.

They provide retainers to keep the teeth from shifting from their natural position. The lower front teeth get crowded as a result of shrinking lower jaw width. Gnashing is not good for your teeth because it causes the tooth to wear out excessively. Losing a tooth makes the next teeth two moves so that they can fill the gap that has been left. Your teeth will shift if the gums do not support them securely. You need removable retainers after braces to keep the teeth from moving from their original position.

An orthodontist will put repositioning appliances in your mouth to move the upper or lower jaw close to each other. Dislocation or breaking of the jaw is painful, it will restrict the movement of the jaw and will destroy the alignment of the face. The upper and lower jaw should be close to one another but if they shift the condition has to be rectified. An orthodontist will reposition a job that has not severely dislocated or broken manually with the use of repositioning appliances. The discomfort and stiffness in the upper and lower jaw that patients of TMD experience is relieved when they use jaw repositioning appliances. You can remove the repositioning appliances for cleaning when brushing your teeth because they are removable.

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