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Running a business can be both stressful and rewarding. To succeed you have to stand out from the crowd and sometimes not be afraid to take some risks. These days it’s not enough to simply find or create some great products, open up shop and wait for customers to find you. There is so much competition these days and customers have a lot of options when it comes to making purchases that you have to go the extra mile to make sure they pick you. This means you have to make full use of all the tools available to you, especially social media.

Social media is a hugely popular and powerful tool. Millions of people use it to reach out to companies, share their experiences with others, and learn about great deals. Research has shown that one of the first things many people do upon hearing about a company or brand new to them is look to see if they have a social media presence. At the very least you should have a Facebook page and Twitter account. Pinterest and Instagram are also key social media outlets. Use these to share information about your company or brand, get the word out about specials and sales, and to allow your customers a platform to ask questions and spread their positive experiences (should any complaints be posted, use them as the opportunity to show how great your customer service is and how you care about making sure your customers are satisfied).

To make your accounts work for you, make sure they updated regularly and completely interactive. Customers are attracted to pages that have a lot of vibrant content and are responsive to their comments and feedback. Don’t rely on canned responses or go long periods of time without posting. These things will drive your audience away. Instead, encourage your audience to share their photos and experiences with your products. Offer promo codes and giveaways. Get customers excited about your store and they will not only buy but encourage their friends to do the same.

Nurturing a strong social media presence takes time. You can do it yourself or hire a social media manager or team. If you’re just starting out and need some financial help to do so, look into credit card factoring or short term loans. It is an investment than can pay off greatly!

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