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A Few Things to Know Before You Go for Your Defense Medical Examinations

Once you file the personal injury case, you will be required by the insurance company or your defense attorney to attend a physical examination so that you will be examined. This is a point at which the world of law and medicine actually collide and the clients will be surprised in the decision of facing another doctor. Though the defense attorneys happen to be referred to the examinations as independent medical exam or IME, they are even far from independent. We always refer the exams as DME, Defense Medical Exams. Here we are going to prepare you with things that you need to know before you actually attend the defense medical examinations.

First thing is that the doctor is not independent. You need to know that the doctor that will examine you will often be hired and hence will be paid by the defense attorney or the insurance company in this case. In this case, the doctors will often derive huge sums of money in situations like these, and will sometimes create an inherent bias. Most of the time if the DME produces reports that are not favorable to the defense, there are low chances of being hired again. You need to therefore ensure that you hire a professional expert whenever you are undergoing such tests to ensure that you get your rights.

Be sure that you prepare very well for the examination. You need to sit down before the tests so that you can be able to make a whole list of the problems that you will need to bring to the table especially where you are injured. Be sure that you include the symptoms, pains that you have suffered in different parts, parts that have restricted you among other things that would be suitable for you so that you can be safe. Be sure that you also note the medical diagnosis that were carried on you as well as the treatments for the injured parts appropriately. When you have a list of all these things will make you have good history at the DME. Always give a complete as well as accurate description of what you are experiencing so that everything will be reflected in your medical records.

The main role of the exam is not to actually offer you medical advice or treatment, the main aim is to help the defendant in handling your personal injury case. You will be watched from the time you step into the facility so that everything will be noted to ensure that you form a solid background of the case. It is always important however to ensure that you read and understand everything with the help of your attorney before you commit to sign any forms. There is no need of documents to the facility unless you are advised by your attorney. Some of these documents may end up being used in the wrong way, and it is always that you are open and honest when offering the detailed information about the medical treatment.

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