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The Importance of Diamond Resale Value for Diamond Sellers

If there is one thing people in the diamond industry are always complaining about, it will have to be that diamond resale values are not that high. A lot of people have tried being in a situation of losing a significant percentage of the value of their diamond years after buying it from their favorite jewelry store. Usually, the value in percentage that they lose from their diamonds is about 20% or more when the time comes that they want to upgrade or sell their diamonds. A lot of people find this scenario to be quite alarming. Are there some ways for you to prevent losing a significant percentage of value for your diamond investment? Before you consider buying any diamonds from jewelry stores, it is vital that you look at factors that will help increase the diamond resale value. The same goes if you are going to sell your diamonds. Below are some essential diamond resale value facts and tips that you need to know as a diamond owner.

To ensure high diamond resale value, you should only buy certified diamonds. If you are going to purchase a diamond, you need to make sure that it comes with a Diamond Grading Report from any reputable laboratory that does diamond grading. In the US, the most well-known diamond grading laboratory is the GIA or Gemological Institute of America. These laboratories do independent assessment and testing of each diamond they get and certify the stone in terms of its Carat Weight, Clarity, Cut, Color, and so on. This certificate is something that every diamond buyer will deem as important. This certificate is essential because it serves as proof of the characteristics of the diamond, and essentially, its value.

In addition, if you are thinking of selling your diamond to any diamond buyer or jewelry store soon, you need to keep your diamond certificate so that you will have some proof to show them. When you don’t have this certificate, all characteristics of your diamond like its clarity and color will have to come from the word of the sales associate. Sometimes, you may end up getting a lower price for the diamond you are selling them. The grading report of your diamond is the only valid tool to ascertain the true value of any diamond. Only with this paper can you get a proper diamond resale value for what you are selling.

Prior to selling your diamonds to interested buyers, it helps if you look at diamonds similar to what you have. If you want to learn more about your diamond resale value, you have to pretend to be buying your diamond. You will find plenty of diamond resources online that list thousands of diamonds based on description. Most likely, you will find one for sale that is very similar to what you have. Get into the finer details of the diamond for sale and check what other stores are offering for this diamond in terms of price to get an estimate of its diamond resale value.


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