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There are many successful real estate developers that have various backgrounds that have contributed to their success. However, some are more humble than others. For example, Kheng Ly is a very successful real estate developer and investor in Montreal. However, his younger years were spent in war torn Cambodia. He and his family later became refugees of Vietnam before they were able to start a new life in Canada. Kheng Ly is no stranger to hard work and perseverance. It is because of this that he became the success that he is today. Below is a little bit more about him and his success story.

How Kheng Ly Became A Success In Real Estate

Kheng Ly worked very hard in a textile factory before he started his own company. He did that for a number of years before he realized the sift in the textiles field and decided to go into real estate and development. Here, he had much success in the coming years, building numerous projects that gained the respect of many of his peers. In the year 2012, he decided to rebrand his company and renamed it Brivia Group. As President and CEO, Kheng Ly soared in real estate and development with many successful projects on his list.

YUL Condominiums: One Of His Most Prized Projects

YUL Condominiums is hands down one of his most well-known projects in Montreal. Situated in the heart of downtown, these two towers have 38 stories of luxury condominiums. The towers are also known for their very unique structural qualities. This is the largest residential real estate building in downtown Montreal. Not only that, but these towers are the first built by a Chinese immigrant in all of Quebec. Kheng Ly on Montreal.tv can be seen for all of his many successful projects as well as his philanthropist side.

Kheng Ly was able to become very successful in real estate development despite his very humble beginnings. It is said that his humble beginnings got him to where he is today. Because of that, Kheng Ly gives back to his community in a very generous way. He donates to various charities and organizations aimed at improving the lives of many.

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